Information Bulletin #5 - Byrd Scholarship changes HB 2732 - SB1562 11/05/2003



Did you know that:


There is a vast array of scholarships available to homeschoolers throughout the country. The importance of freedom from government intrusion or the potential of government intrusion far outweighs the importance of homeschoolers to be able to participate in this particular scholarship, no matter how economically advantageous it is. Not every economic advantage is available to everyone in this country. There are a variety of conditions and qualifications that one must meet in order to obtain benefits, particularly in the area of scholarships. Many scholarships are only available to particular categories of individuals, such as children of firefighters, or children of veterans, or students residing in a particular town. A change in federal law should not occur just to allow homeschoolers to participate in those types of "discriminatory" scholarships. Similarly, a change in federal law should not occur just to allow homeschoolers to participate in the Byrd Scholarship. In the case of homeschooled students, a change in federal law allowing them to participate is not only unnecessary, it is potentially harmful.


Federal legislation that is being considered (HR2732/SB1562) to revise to the Byrd Scholarship program is totally unnecessary and will only invite further reporting requirements and regulation for homeschoolers!


Remember, when the government gives away money, it will want accountability, and accountability inevitably leads

to regulation. There are many public and private scholarships available that contain certain criteria for eligibility. Students in public schools do not qualify for all scholarships. If homeschoolers do not qualify under the particular criteria of any one scholarship, they should seek funding elsewhere. Taking the extra time and effort to seek out funding elsewhere is far more preferable than to accept funding from the government and risk potential regulation.



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