Bulletin #8 Government Money and Homeschooling      11/14/2003


Did you know:

HSLDA takes the following positions regarding why homeschoolers should not accept government funds:


"The state must hold recipients of taxpayer dollars accountable for how they use the funds. The flip side of the "free benefits" coin is not Lady Liberty—it's a door to increased "accountability checks": certified teacher oversight, curriculum approval, mandatory testing, and sometimes even home inspections. Ultimately, as these requirements grow, they will squelch one of the greatest benefits to home education—flexibility to accommodate each child's learning style and interest. Rather than more control, HSLDA believes there should be less control and interference with parents' rights to direct the education of their children. Nationally normed standardized test results indicate that home schooled students score on average 30 percentile points above the national average. Private home schoolers have demonstrated that state funding and regulation are not necessary to achieve academic excellence."

-(June 26 2002, HSLDA, The Problem with Home-Based Charter Schools)


"America's Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to keep the state checked by the law in order to keep the private sphere truly free. When individuals accept state funds for private activities, the distinction between the state and the private sphere is blurred, self-government is weakened, and the state is further unleashed from the bounds of law to intrude upon the personal lives of its citizens. If the distinction between the state and the private sphere is damaged or falls, our whole constitutional system of government collapses."
-(June 26 2002, HSLDA, The Problem with Home-Based Charter Schools)


"…liberty is at risk, however, if home schoolers begin drinking from the public trough. These are the same state governments that once heavily restricted or prohibited home schooling altogether. If home schooling families take government money or services through virtual charter schools, they will become dependent on government money and subject to increasing government regulation. Public schools and the state will once again acquire power to dictate home schoolers' curriculum, teacher qualifications, and methods."

-(Jan/Feb 2002, HSLDA, The Court Report - Charter Schools)


"In Alberta, Canada, home schoolers enjoyed more liberty than almost any of the other provinces. Then several years ago, legislation was passed giving home schoolers $500 per child in government funds. The very next year, one of the most restrictive legislative bills was passed, implementing regulations for home schoolers. When asked why, the Minister of Education stated that if they were giving money to home schoolers, they had to know who they are and have certain standards. These regulations apply to all home schoolers--not only those who receive the government funding."

-(Jan/Feb 2002, HSLDA, The Court Report - Charter Schools)


"We should not trade our freedom for services. Government services never come without strings attached. Because we've been fighting so long to get away from the government, it is illogical to go back to government handouts."
(August 25, 2003, HSLDA,  Equal Access)


"Paying taxes which support government programs does not automatically give someone the right to participate in that program. " (August 25, 2003 Equal Access)



 How come HSLDA is asking for homeschoolers to be included in federal scholarship programs which give tax payer money to college bound students, but will ultimately lead to accountability and oversight?


 How come HSLDA want homeschoolers included into IRS agency formulas for Education Savings Accounts?  The IRS will have to qualify homeschoolers, and that will create a whole new set of problems.


We agree with HSLDA that taking government funding or being included in government programs is dangerous and increases the potential of homeschool regulation and accountability.  This is precisely why we oppose HR2732/SB1562.



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