By Deborah Stevenson



Did you know that parents might want to withdraw their children from enrollment in public and private schools now to prevent their children from being compelled to receive risky swine flu, or H1N1, vaccinations? 


     Assuming that the federal or the state government requires children to receive the swine flu vaccination as a prerequisite to attending public or private school this fall, withdrawing them from enrollment in those schools may be the only way to keep those children safe.  That doesn’t mean that the children necessarily will not be educated. In fact, parents can always educate their children by homeschooling them. In that way, parents may keep their children safe not only from the potential risks of contagion from germ filled classrooms, but also from the potential risks associated with the swine flu vaccine.


    While many states “regulate” the manner in which parents homeschool, so far, we are aware of no state that requires children homeschooled children to receive any vaccinations.


     Generally, states do not directly require anyone to receive any vaccinations.  It is only when individuals enter into a formal relationship with the government that the government is able to require the individual to receive vaccinations.  For example, individuals who volunteer to join the military become obligated to receive vaccinations.  Similarly, parents who voluntarily enroll their children in the state’s public school become obligated to abide by the rules and regulations established by that state and its public school system. Private schools may receive state or federal funding and so become required to abide by certain laws. In the case of vaccinations, the federal government issues “guidelines” about which vaccinations children should receive before attending public and private school, and the states, for the most part, adopt those “guidelines” as law.


     While there may have been some concern about the potential risks of vaccines in the past, today that concern has grown substantially with news that the swine flu vaccine about to be given to our children has been rushed into production and has been largely untested.  The effects of that vaccine are unknown, and many parents likely will refuse to have their children act as “guinea pigs” this fall. Fortunately, parents do have the option to homeschool.


Some of the concerns about the swine flu vaccine have been expressed in the media recently:


The swine flu vaccine has not been licensed yet.  It “might be” licensed by mid-fall.



This is unusual because the swine flu vaccine is still being tested. 



In fact, those tests have just recently begun.



It’s also being tested with additives that also are not approved.




The vaccine manufacturers plan to test the vaccine in infants, children and the elderly, in trials that are scheduled to last about a year, yet, the vaccine is expected to be available before the testing has been completed.



Of further note, many healthcare practitioners, presumably who are more aware of the pros and cons of vaccinations, are refusing to receive the swine flu vaccination.



The government’s website, the Centers for Disease Control, contains articles declaring how important it is to monitor vaccine safety.  The CDC says, “Vaccine safety monitoring also makes sure new vaccines are safe for groups such as the elderly, those with chronic medical conditions, and pregnant women.  Vaccine trials may deliberately exclude members of these groups.” 



Do you know how they routinely monitor vaccine safety? 


The CDC says,

“Vaccine safety cannot be measured directly.  Instead, it is estimated by the number of “adverse events” reported.  An adverse event is “..a medical incident that takes place after an immunization…and is believed to be caused by the immunization.”


Think about that for a minute. The government measures vaccine safety by allowing the vaccines to be given to the populace, and then from the number of adverse events that take place caused by the vaccines, estimating how safe the vaccines are.


Is this something that we want to allow the government to do with our children?

Is this something that you want to allow the government to do with your child?


The CDC says that normally computers first predict how the vaccine will work, then, researchers test the vaccine on animals.  Then, when the vaccine “completes these laboratory tests successfully”, the vaccine is tested on people during “clinical trials”. The CDC sys “People who participate in a clinical trial understand the risks.  They choose to get the vaccine and be tested to find out if the vaccine is safe and effective.”  If the clinical trials show the vaccine works safely, the FDA reviews the clinical trial results, inspects the plant where it’s made, reviews the process for making it, and then decides whether to give the manufacturer a license.


Do you know how long that process usually takes?  The CDC says “the licensing process can take 10 years or longer.”   


Did you know that?  Do your state government officials know that?


It takes ten years or longer, but not in the case of the swine flu vaccine.  That’s going to be given to your child only a few months after it was first developed.  The government may be requiring your child to receive that vaccine.


Did you know that in virtually every state there are laws on the books where people can be arrested and go to jail for a very long time for something called “risk of injury to a minor”.  The laws do not say “causing injury to a minor”.  The laws say “risk of injury to a minor.” 


If, and when, government officials require your child to receive a vaccine, that the CDC says should undergo methodical testing and evaluation over a ten year period before it is used, and if that vaccine was just developed a few months ago and its safety remains unknown, ask yourself this question:  Isn’t the government official who is requiring your child to receive that vaccine “risking injury to a minor”?


Better yet, ask your government officials that question before they require your children to receive such a vaccine.


Nonetheless, if your state decides to require your child to receive the swine flu vaccination before they will be allowed to attend a public or a private school, it would be wise if you understood that you have a right, and even a duty, not to allow risk of injury to your child.  You have a right to withdraw your child from enrollment in that public or private school, and to homeschool the child. 


Given these circumstances, it’s a good bet that if you do withdraw your child this fall, you won’t be alone.



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