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Please read our NHELD Web Page regarding

The Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC)

and the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA)


Tenth Amendment – Powers of states and people.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively,
or to the people."

You can read here about

Connecticut’s efforts towards

State Sovereignty legislation

What is NHELD, LLC

NHELD, LLC is an acronym for National Home Education Legal Defense, a national organization open to all who wish to join, that seeks to protect and defend the rights of families who wish to educate in freedom.

NHELD, LLC's Goals

Empowerment of individuals:

All individuals in this country, a country of the people, by the people, and for the people, should always be empowered. Too often today individuals do not feel empowered but feel overwhelmed by the dictates of "the government". We, the people, form the basis of that government. It is time to remind those whom we have elected that they work for us. It is time to remind them that the United States Constitution is still in existence and that they all have taken an oath to uphold it, not to disregard it. How can individuals become empowered? They can become empowered with knowledge, with information; with accurate facts about what the law actually says and accurate facts about what those in government propose to change the law, anyone can become empowered to act to retain freedom.

Unity of purpose:

One individual acting to retain freedom faces a daunting task. Many individuals acting to retain freedom face an achievable task, a task that can and must be accomplished.

Freedom to educate:

Parents educate their children for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways. However, there is one thing that is crucial for all parents, the need to be free so that they are able to educate in the manner in which they choose in the best interest of their children. Together, we can and must retain this freedom; without freedom, there is only one choice: government schooling. That is not acceptable.

Click here to find out why NHELD, LLC is an LLC?

What does NHELD, LLC have to offer?

NHELD, LLC provides both information and assistance to its members.

NHELD, LLC believes, first and foremost, in empowering individuals to act in accordance with their conscience. NHELD, LLC does not believe in blindly following the word of anyone. NHELD, LLC also does not believe in just directing families to act in unison on the basis of an opinion that NHELD, LLC has formed on its own. NHELD, LLC believes in an informed, empowered citizenry, who is able to fight for freedom effectively when necessary.

Therefore, NHELD, LLC provides the services of:

1.      Notifying its members of any proposed legislation on the federal level, and on the state level (where possible) that will affect their right to educate in freedom;

2.      Informing individuals about where the entire proposed legislation may be located, so that they may find and read for themselves the text of the legislation itself;

3.      Advising individuals not to take the word of anyone else about what that legislation says, but to read the text for themselves in order to formulate their own opinion about the effect the legislation will have, and

4.      Suggesting courses of action that individuals may wish to take.

NHELD, LLC also acts with and on behalf of its members to resolve conficts with government officials.

In many cases, NHELD, LLC members who encounter a government official who improperly attempts to interfere with the right of parents to instruct their children request a letter from NHELD, LLC to be written to that official.  While there is no guarantee that the official will cease and desist, a request to do so from a well known organization with national clout may be helpful. Should this prove ineffective, NHELD, LLC will design a plan of action, personalized to each situation, for a family to undertake in it's conflict with the school system or other government officials. On occasion, parents must take on larger battles with government officials to prevent newly proposed legislation that will regulate parents who instruct their children.  In these cases, NHELD, LLC will design a plan of action for support groups or state organizations to take aimed at defeating such regulation.  Upon request, NHELD, LLC will also work with other attorneys in your state to best formulate a strategic plan.

Lastly, NHELD, LLC members have the knowledge that they are assisting to form a joint venture designed to promote and protect individual freedom for themselves, their children, their grandchildren, and all who come thereafter.

If we don’t stand up now, together, to protect our freedom to educate, we will lose it not only for ourselves but also for future generations. Not only would that be unthinkable, but also it would be unforgivable. Together we can, and must, succeed!
Join Us Now!

Attorney Deborah G. Stevenson,
Executive Director of NHELD, LLC,
is available to speak to your homeschool, parent, or community organization.

Attorney Stevenson has addressed numerous community organizations in the past decade speaking on a variety of topics related to the rights of parents under existing law to instruct their own children.  She has also addressed local Boards of Education,  legislative committees and other governmental authorities and provided them with accurate information about their role regarding the rights of parents to educate their own children. These informative sessions have led all parties to a greater understanding and to a lessening of a need for additional “regulation”.

With communication often comes understanding and respect.

If you would like to have Attorney Stevenson attend your
local organization, please
contact us!

hopes that the preceding addresses the concerns of those who have inquired.
Please bear with us as we continue to grow our organization (and our website).

We remain committed to our goals and we seek the advice,
suggestions, and assistance of any who wish to
offer it.



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